Twitter… Our New Connection Hub

A picture of my @tweetdeck

We were asked by our EDTC300 teacher to make our twitter account. I had never used twitter as I thought since I have my Facebook account and it already is too much sort of addiction so maybe I should not add twitter into my busy life. Anyhow , I set up my account and initially I started following my teacher and then fellow students. It further lead to experts in education field. It is really not only a way to keep you connected with a certain community, but, posts from other people keep you aware of informed on various topics. Its more like a burst of information which grabs your attention and hold you right there on twitter. At this time I will especially mention our first session of @saskedchat. The host Kelly Christopherson posted questions which made us think carefully and participants presented their answers. I think although twitter is more like addiction, but if we stayed connected with experts in educational field ,it will keep us motived to think, act and perform like professionals.

1 thought on “Twitter… Our New Connection Hub

  1. I am glad you liked it saima, I also felt same. I also enjoyed #saskedchat too much and thought It was a time well spent making connections and thinking about current questions together. I hope we will get to participate in some other group chats too.


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