Digital Citizenship

Technology has been increasingly used in processing data and communicating information. Within every few weeks we see a new tool or App available with any new features and their ultimate users are young learners, who are interested in anything different. As the new technology is being used quite often, there is dire need to focus on teaching our young learners how to use the technology safely, effectively and appropriately.

As I reviewed Secondary Mathematics curriculum document, it suggests use of technology to enhance learning. It also focuses on learner’s ability to identify appropriate and inappropriate use of technology.

A screenshot of Saskatchewan curriculum guide

 Here comes the question that, since teachers are supported to use technology in teaching-learning process and students use technology for communication, research, make connections and reflect their learning, where we can find guidelines for appropriate use. I found the answer in form of “Digital citizenship Education in Saskatchewan schools, A policy planning guide.” This guide was written by Dr. Alec Couros and Katia Hildebrandt, and it provides us with a detailed road map for digital citizenship. Its focuses on Dr. Ribble’s nine elements of digital citizenship.

This guide also has digital citizenship continuum from KG-12, which provides us with a detailed information on, how student at each grade will demonstrate Digital Etiquette, Digital Access, Digital law, Digital Communication, Digital literacy, Digital Commerce, Digital Rights and Responsibilities, Digital Safety and Security and Digital Health and Wellness. It also provides guidelines for Digital Citizenship Policy focused on enhanced learning based on the concept of ‘one life’. Effective use of Digital Citizenship policy will shift the core responsibility on students making them act carefully and being responsible for their action.  

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