Cyber Sleuthing

When we post something on social media, usually we want to share some aspects of our personality or our personal experiences. Some people share a lot about them, whereas, others want to keep their personal life private. Most of the stuff that is posted on social media just serve the purpose to create a good image of the person, whereas, the fact is that real life is a mixture of different experiences, where everyone had some really wonderful times but some bitter experiences as well.

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Whenever, I post something on social media, I try to keep it visible only, to whom it concerns. I believe if I am happy, it’s the biggest thing for me, I don’t need to share on social media and by chance if I am sad, I exactly know to whom I should talk in order to get out of the trouble. Most of my interaction on social media visible to others are; when I am participating in any professional development or learning project and usually it consists of something which can be helpful to others or present my point of view in any matter nicely just like I would talk to that person in real life.

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This weak as part of Education technology learning task we were supposed to pick one of our class fellows and cyber sleuth them. I started browsing about Iram Usmani. Initially I could not find much about her on Facebook, because there were many accounts with the same name, and I browsed them all one by one, but I could not relate any of them to Iram’s actual Facebook account. Next, I started looking for Iram’s blog and I found Iram’s education blog there. It helped me to know that Iram is student at university of Regina and mother of four, two of them also attending University. She holds a Master’s degree in Computer Sciences and currently she is working as Educational Assistant at Regina public School Board. By going through her blog, I came to know that she is learning to read Holy Quran with translation. She is also using some Apps and progressing in her journey step by step. I came to know about her twitter account from her blog site. She shares or comments on articles mostly related to use of technology, education or classroom matters. By cyber sleuthing Iram, I found out that Iram is keeping a clear division in her personal and professional life. She is making only professional part of her life public, whereas, her private life may be only shared to her closed ones with careful use of privacy settings.

1 thought on “Cyber Sleuthing”

  1. Thanks Saima. I am glad to see that my private life is not so apparent on social media . It was nice to get it done by someone else so we know how others see us on social media. Thanks again, I loved this experience.

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