Far Apart but Connected

Over past few years technology has revolutionized the world in ways we connect together. We are having amazing tools and resources available just one click away, which give us the opportunity to connect to the people we know, or even do not know but are interested in some aspect of their personality

An Anthropology of YouTube by Michael Wesch

As mentioned in Michael Wesch video, data sharing increases exponentially, we do not need a particular setting to showcase our abilities, but every individual have the opportunities to show case his talent and the stage is all times ready in form of different social networking sites. As in today’s world when holding a regular class hold huge potential risk, virtual classrooms have bridged the gap to great extent. Technology is there to suggest us the solution to our problems providing us multiple ways of doing things.  

When I think of a future class, I see resources available to teachers to help them in lesson plans, use technology to teach the students in a way they learn better and assess the children using multiple approaches. Teachers can find many platforms where they can collaborate with education experts, share their experiences and use multiple approaches to help the students in a better way. 

I see students having access to different platforms where they can share their experiences and make connections. Along with the bigger opportunity comes the responsibility to use it safely . In my view, students must be taught how to differentiate between personal and public and prioritize their security over blind trust. Students must be made aware of the potential threats and there must be multiple platforms available where students can seek help or ask for guidance. I found a helpful resource about digital security, which I will use in my class to help them make safe interactions. I believe, with appropriate use of technology and using it with responsibility, our children will flourish and reach new milestones.

Twitter… Our New Connection Hub

A picture of my @tweetdeck

We were asked by our EDTC300 teacher to make our twitter account. I had never used twitter as I thought since I have my Facebook account and it already is too much sort of addiction so maybe I should not add twitter into my busy life. Anyhow , I set up my account and initially I started following my teacher and then fellow students. It further lead to experts in education field. It is really not only a way to keep you connected with a certain community, but, posts from other people keep you aware of informed on various topics. Its more like a burst of information which grabs your attention and hold you right there on twitter. At this time I will especially mention our first session of @saskedchat. The host Kelly Christopherson posted questions which made us think carefully and participants presented their answers. I think although twitter is more like addiction, but if we stayed connected with experts in educational field ,it will keep us motived to think, act and perform like professionals.

Getting started with feedly

This is our third week of Edtec300 course at University of Regina and we are asked to setup feedly account. Initially I was a bit confused about how I will do it, as it was something new, but it was really easy to set up and once you start, there is huge collection of feeds available. I found Ted-ed, free technology for teachers. I speak Math and teacher’s tech feeds interesting.  

Ted-Ed presented articles about different point of views about various situations, whereas EdTech magazine: k-12 addresses different issues related to schools/learning. I speak Math is about integrating Math and technology together. These are just few topics to start with. I hope that more I will go through  them and other options, I will feel myself more comfortable in getting the best out of it.